Save an Animal Be a Cannibal

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Save an Animal Be a Cannibal

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Save an Animal Be a Cannibal

Eating meat, and animal rights?
It works, I’ll show you how.
If you’re hungry, eat a rapist
instead of a cow!

eating humans does not count
as breach of vegetarianism!

I love animals,
I hate people,
so I’d rather
eat the latter.

They don’t taste bad, just have bad taste.
To bury after murder – ah, what a waste,
massacre as freedom from starvation,
and a cure for overpopulation!

They were human,
but - what the heck,
first I’ll eat the balls,
then I’ll have the neck
of rapists, “patriots”, politicians!
Human meatballs
taste delicious!

Brain pate spread
all over my bread;
I’ll fry their guts
with cream and peanuts.

Shave their legs, preheat the oven
to three hundred degrees;
I bet the liver tastes much better
with some fetta cheese.

Massacre - freedom from starvation,
a cure for overpopulation?
Save an animal, eat a rapist!

For the selfish, for the greedy,
For those destroying public space,
For those agressive just fore fun,
For those who hit, and those who run,

For those who’ve had other lives destroyed,
For molestors of the unemployed,
Those that profit from child labour -
Curry and chilli add some flavour;

If suffering of others brings you profit,
If violating others feeds your lust,
If scavanging for sorrow is your middle name,
If justice and equality are just – lame,

If for you to laugh another must shed a tear,
If a country must starve for your brand new car,
If your prosperity depends on agony and fear,
You don’t deserve to live - not by afar.

So I won’t be part of this
hypocrytical game
where animal and human life
don’t weigh the same,
because I know more humans
that deserve to be killed,
so why not, at the same time,
have my stomach filled?

Save an animal eat a rapist!

Mr. I. Frantz
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