Laybrinth - D.K

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Laybrinth - D.K

Post by Linnah »

Moti nuk i kom nda do shkrime t'mia me ju ,veq po ja nisi qishtu ..


Wishing you were dead is like wishing for a dream, but when you're close to death , when you actually see it , huh it becomes a mutherfuckin nightmare.
Life is not easy, everybody knows that, some people live just the bad days waiting for the good ones, suddenly they found their selves in a deep sleep or better yet they don't find their self anymore.It's exhausting.
Being a good person means respect, and being yourself too.What if I'm crazy?What if I'm bad and that's me ?Will there be respect anymore?There's where I lose my point.
I sit in this big table surrounded by a lot of people, most strangers,
different faces, different lifes.Their talk is making me nervous, their
voice sound is killing my ears it's like they speak words with no sense.
Trying to fit in this moment, with a fake smile on my face, in front of me I saw standing a little creature..Looking me deep in the eye he said:Are you happy?
I couldn't understand, is it even possible to see inside a human body like an open door, while just looking in the eye you can see the feeling hiding inside.Standing in front of him speechless I knew I would lie, so I said I am.
Everynight we go to sleep and we don't know sure if we're gonna wake up in the morning ,but still we set the alarm.In that poor desert waiting for that little drop of rain people still live.It's something we call hope and I think that forced me to reply that little boy that way ,cuz even if youre heart is broken , even if it is falling to pieces , even if you think your
world is falling down , just when you think of wishing that wish i told you in the firs line just stop and breathe.There's someone watching over , if people can't make you smile for real , he will.
Sometimes I lose the sence of time, I feel like I don't belong here, like a stranger.I wish I would live in a differnet time when there will be memory cleaning machines.If you're asking why try to remember why the most time we are sad.We lose people , moments, joys in time and all we have are memories.
One day you'll be sitting in your room, looking the photos, browsing the memories and you'll be sad cuz they're gone.So I would rather clean it all. But, when I think what are we living for if we don't remember what we've done, so what are we doing? If there were no words, it would be a white paper which means nothing.If it's nothing it can not be called a life. And here I am , in this life labyrinth losing my sense, again.
As you see there are different ways to judge life, different eyes you can look through, different things you should hold on to.
That's why we pray when we're sick to get healthy, that's why we cry when someone leaves, why we laugh when we see the sunset.That's why we live our life through everything.That's why we ask when we alredy know the answer.

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Re: Laybrinth - D.K

Post by rock_boy18 »

Nice one Linnah :)
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Re: Laybrinth - D.K

Post by Zagor »

Nice po , por me perkthim shqip e kisha kuptue ma mire ..
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