Indigos [Albania]

Diskutoni rreth rock grupeve shqiptare.
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Indigos [Albania]

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Indigos are a progressive metal band from Shkoder/Albania formed on January 2012. The band plays a technical style that includes long songs, multiple time changes, and various riffs. They play a music based on some elements in particular, like metal, melody and progressive roots.
Formation of the band – After her debut on the talent show “The Voice of Albania” the female vocalist of Indigos Olimpia Smajlaj was invited to be part of a new project that the guitarist Mirel Dibra and bassist Denis Vodinaj were creating. After their first meeting they decided to form a new band starting with covers at the first place. They chose different styles to cover so they could find the common interests in music and after that, create their own songs. Some days after, the keyboardist Armir Dibra (Mirel’s brother) joined the band. After deciding about the first covers to play, they needed a name. Mirel gave the idea of the indigo because it had a lot to do with the general ideas of the band. They added an S to personalize it more and that’s how Indigos came out.

So, a few months later the band had already prepared a considerable number of covers and they organized their first show with two other bands. In the beginning of summer the drummer because of some variances in style and work, Edi Logu left the band to be replaced by the actual drummer Florian Martini. After some other live shows the band started working on their first song. They participated in the musical event Top Fest with their first song ”Peaceful Revolution’’. Now the band is keeping up with the work for other songs and soon will launch their first EP...
Created January 2012

Genre Progressive Metal

Members Olimpia Smajlaj - Vocals
Mirel Dibra - lead & rythm guitar
Denis Vodinaj - bass guitar
Armir Dibra - keyboards
Florian Martini - Drums

Hometown Shkoder ,Albania

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