Orlando Magic Not Settle for Second Best in East

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Orlando Magic Not Settle for Second Best in East

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For the past several seasons, the Orlando Magic always plays a role as No. 2 contender in the East, with Boston Celtics No.1, but those days will be gone. Since the LeBron James joins the Heat, everything has changed.

Miami keeps Dwyane Wade. Orlando keeps J.J. Redick. Chris Bosh moves to Miami. Chris Duhon moves to Orlando. Oh, yes, then there's LeBron James.

Since the Miami has the big three now, nobody felt the searing flame of the blowtorch on the back of their necks like the Magic. Magic GM and Coach Van Gaudy have different opinions as everybody considers the Heat as the No.1 winning team candidate.

"Is Kobe Bryant retiring?" general manager Otis Smith.asked, referring to the fact that the Lakers are the two-time defending champions. "Let's not give (Miami) a ring so fast...They have a chance ... that's all they have. Just like everybody else."

It is, of course, the same speech that Smith will give to his players when training camp opens and to every member of an organization that has to feel like it was just passed by the latest model Porsche on the autobahn.

One minute Orlan do is going into the season as the likely No. 1 contender it the Eastern Conference and the next everyone is wondering if they'll have what it takes to hold off Miami to merely win the Southeast Division title.

Van Gundy and Smith know they still have the best big man - Dwight Howard. But now Howard has to overcome three of his ex-Team USA teammates. That is not an easy job for him and for the Magic.

The situation is tough but we should never neglect our opponent, not only in the sports, but in any place.

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